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Dragon Age: Inquisition delay brings back multiple playable races


Dragon Age: Inquisition will see the return of playable races. "Because we moved the [release] date, we were able to bring it back," Executive Producer Mark Darrah told Game Informer, pointing to the game's delay to fall 2014 as an opportunity to bring race selection back to the series. In October 2012, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw said that humans would be the only playable race in the game in, but that has since changed.

"The race decision was made well before E3, but why didn't we bring it up? Because again we wanted to make sure it was locked down," Laidlaw said. "We wanted to make sure we'd done the work and our homework was done so that we could commit to it. So that people could, with absolute enthusiasm, get ready for elf, or dwarf or whatever."

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