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Finish 2.0 for iPhone adds reminders, rewards and more


Last January I reviewed Finish for iPhone (US$0.99), a task-management app that went on to win an Apple Design Award. Today, version 2.0 has been released with some sweet new features, including pesky reminders and rewards.

My favorite new feature is the "Bother Me" reminder. It's similar to my beloved Due in that it won't stop nagging you until you act. Finish reminds you hourly that a certain task must be completed. No more forgetting this and that.

The rewards feature is interesting, too. As you get things done, you can earn real-world rewards via Kiip, which is a service that lets business and consumers connect through mobile rewards and other contests. You can't predict when you'll receive a reward through Finish, but getting your work done sooner rather than later seems to be a good thing.

This is a nice update to an already successful app. Those who don't need the industrial strength of the OmniFocuses of the world ought to give it a try. Plus, how many great-looking purple apps are there? I can only think of one.

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