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ThirdLove iPhone app accurately calculates bra size with just a few pics


A NASA scientist has developed an iPhone app called ThirdLove that can precisely calculate a woman's bra size from just a few pictures of the woman's chest. It then uses visualization technology to read the photos and return the precise bra size that user needs. Women can then shop directly though the app for bras that fit them.

That app may seem like a silly idea, but as co-founder Heidi Zak told VentureBeat, there is a very real need for it in the undergarments marketplace:

"The number one reason people return products that they buy online is due to fit. We have created an app using computer vision technology that consumers can use to fit themselves. We use computer algorithms to calculate her actual measurements and place her in the correct size."

ThirdLove is not yet live in the app store, but users can register their interest about the app here.

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