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WatchESPN app allows for split-screen live/on-demand viewing via 'Live Toolbar'


ESPN has updated its WatchESPN app to support split-screen viewing, reports AllThingsD. The new feature allows a user to watch live content on one side of the screen and pull up on-demand content, like replays, on the other side. As AllThingsD explains:

The key here is something ESPN is calling a "live toolbar." It's a widget that runs across the bottom of the video screen and lets you pull up data like scores and stats for other games you're not watching. And, if your attention span can handle it, you can also use it to pull up on-demand video clips, like highlight reels, that you can watch side by side with a live feed.

The new Live Toolbar feature is only available on newer iPads and the iPad mini. Also, users must have ESPN as part of their cable TV channel package from approved providers in order to watch live TV. WatchESPN is a free download.

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