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PSA: ZTE Open Firefox phone now available on eBay in the US and UK


The Spanish had first dibs on ZTE's Open smartphone, but earlier this month we were told Americans and Brits would eventually be able to buy the Firefox OS device through ZTE's local eBay storefronts. Well, the pages are now live, so in exchange for $80 or £60 (delivery is free), you can get yourself an unlocked Open in the eBay-exclusive orange hue; and, if the stock figures represent all ZTE has to hawk, it appears this initial batch will sell out before too long. We wouldn't say the handset's performance is good enough to disguise its miserly specs, but having a new mobile OS to poke around in for well under a Benjamin? Let's just say that we're having a hard time suppressing the impulse-buy urge.

[Thanks, Steve]

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