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Grand Theft Auto 5 achievements: stock markets, spaceships, sharks, oh my

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Grand Theft Auto 5's achievements have been listed on Xbox 360 Achievements, so if you're a completionist who's ready to start planning your takeover of Los Santos, take a gander. Keep in mind 17 of the 38 non-secret achievements listed are tied to GTA Online – if you're looking to earn 100 percent completion, you're going to need to get social. For those going lone wolf, the single-player list is free of story spoilers.

Some noteworthy achievements include From Beyond the Stars, which will have players collect and return spaceship parts, and Out of Your Depth, which only contains the description "You're gonna need a bigger boat ...." But lest you think GTA5 is all high-flying adventure and drug-running, there's also the Trading Pure Alpha achievement, which will require that you make a profit on your investments by playing the in-game stock market.

Well, at least we're not being hounded to go bowling.

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