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Arthas (Kindle edition) is on sale for $1.99


Stepping off your flying mount into the streets of Dalaran you look around at the empty city, noticing only a few Horde and Alliance members running by as the skrit off on quests far and wide. The city itself is warm and inviting, contrasting nicely to the bitter cold of Northrend.

Wandering into the center of town you see a statue of the heroes that passed during the downing the mighty Lich King. Reading the plaque you're told the tale of demise of Arthas, the once great and powerful ruler of the land, and the master of the Scourge.

You scratch your head though. Who is this Arthas and why'd he become such a pill? Was he born a brat and became a tyrant, destined to be slapped upside the head like Joffrey? Or was he corrupted and transformed into one of the greatest evils the land has ever seen?

A gnome engineer comes by and hands you this thing called a "Kindle." It has magical words appearing on the screen and you begin to read... "Arthas, on sale today for $1.99 at Amazon's Kindle Store."

Fortunately you've got some crappy gear you've picked up along the way to sell to a vendor, and you quickly buy the book for this "Kindle" thing.

Then you get eaten by a grue.

The end.

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