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Breakfast Topic: Do you play other MMOs?

I admit, in between bouts of World of Warcraft, I've definitely flirted with other MMOs. Sometimes playing something new can be a fun break from WoW -- and with so many MMOs out on the market to try, checking out other games is a regular temptation. Free-to-play games are especially appealing, since it's easy to jump into them without spending a bundle. But MMOs take a lot of time and effort to advance your character, which can make it awfully challenging to play even one -- much less more than one. And as you can probably guess, World of Warcraft is a game I keep coming back to -- and with limited game time right now, it's the only MMO I'm playing.

So what about you, readers? Do you juggle World of Warcraft with other MMOs? Do you occasionally try other MMOs or do you have a regular MMO on the side? (And if so, how do you find the time for it?) Or is WoW your main multiplayer game? Inquiring minds want to know, readers, so get commenting!

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