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Minecraft creator scraps '0x10c' spaceship game, but fans run with concept


After suffering a "creative block" with development of his 0x10c project, Markus "Notch" Persson has definitively killed the idea, saying he has "no future aspirations" for it. The keenly anticipated game involved space travelers who wake up after an eons-long hypersleep and have to deal with enemies and other problems aboard their spaceship. He broke the news to disappointed fans on a livestream, but some have decided to keep the idea alive via community effort called Project Trillek. While they'd drop the whole cryosleep bit, the team would keep the concept of a crew navigating space and managing their craft with a 16-bit CPU, Minecraft-style. We're glad it's not dead yet, but whether it can survive the vacuum of a Notch-less space remains to be seen.

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