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Galaxy S III mini expected at AT&T, for reasons unknown

Zach Honig

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We can't say we're in love with Samsung's Galaxy S III mini, especially with a next-gen model already official. But if today's @evleaks post is to be believed, last year's not-so-brightest star in the Galaxy will be coming to AT&T. The date on the render up above is fixed on August 23rd, which is when we're expecting the Galaxy Mega to make its US debut, so there's a chance we might see the GS III mini then as well. Still unknown is why AT&T would be bringing a humdrum 2012 handset to subscribers this late in the game, but if it does hit retailers this summer, it better come in with a MSRP far below handsets we'd actually recommend. Like, say, the Galaxy S 4.

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