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Guild Wars 2's Clockwork Chaos, end to PvE culling, Zodiac weapons, and the possible return of Super Adventure Box [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

The usual ending of the Queen's Jubilee is not a horde of clockwork monsters attacking all over Tyria. Guild Wars 2 players will need to deal with these party crashers the only way they know how: calm and reasoned discourse. Or egregious violence; that works out pretty good too.

Scarlet Briar has revealed both herself and her minions with the latest patch for the game, and that means more things for players to do across the game. Content-wise, activities center around the invasions popping up all over the game world, including enemies from previous Living World updates arriving in droves. New meta-achievements are available along with a new instance to tie up the story and give players the opportunity to push back the invaders for good.

If that's not enough for you, you can also pick up new items in the game's cash shop or enjoy the usual array of bugfixes and tweaks. So what are you waiting for? Log in and start smashing some clocks.

[Update: ArenaNet's PR has further contacted us to promise an end to culling in PvE. Culling is GW2's system for hiding players and mobs from view to help FPS. Optimizations made since the removal of WvWvW culling enabled the team to turn it off in PvE as well. We've posted behind the break two images provided by Anet intended to show the difference in Lion's Arch.]

[Update 2: We've also embedded Richie's awesome preview of the new Zodiac weapons after the cut.]

[Update 3: Based on a preview image found on the official GW2 site, clever Redditors have postulated that Super Adventure Box will be returning on September 8th!]

Culling on (click to enlarge):

Guild Wars 2 unleashes Clockwork Chaos, promises to an end to PvE culling Updated

Culling off (click to enlarge):

Guild Wars 2

And since you're behind the cut anyway, why not check out Richie's video on the new Zodiac weapon skins?

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