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Trion's senior vice president of marketing talks RIFT, Defiance, and business

Eliot Lefebvre

There's been a bunch of bad news swirling around Trion Worlds recently, but a new interview with the company's senior vice president of marketing, Noah Maffitt, is far more positive. Maffitt isn't talking about game mechanics or design principles but results, and by those metrics RIFT did quite well with its free-to-play conversion. Sales went up, player figures went up, and his forecast for the game's future seems quite rosy.

One of the major elements Maffitt discusses is the company's willingness to try different marketing techniques compared to those traditionally used in the industry. He stresses the need for businesses to change with the times, noting that free-to-play models are something to embrace as a new direction of the marketplace. The result is a need to be more analytical and flexible in strategies and have quicker turnarounds for what does or does not work, a strategy being used with vigor with Defiance. If the business side interests you, check out the full interview with Maffitt.

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