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Driveclub revs up pre-order bonuses


If the stripped-down, free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub doesn't work for you, these pre-order bonuses for the game just might. By pre-ordering the game at varying retailers, players will be granted access to one of three different car packs for the game: the McLaren 12c pack for GameStop customers, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series Pack for Amazon customers and the RUF RT 12 R Pack for those buying the game elsewhere.

Those placing a pre-order at any retailer or via the PlayStation Store will also receive a three-month PlayStation Plus subscription. We have trailers for all three car packs, two of which can be found after the break, which may help you decide where you'll be pre-ordering Driveclub. The game will launch with the PS4, which was given a November 15 release date yesterday.

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