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EA's Origin service now allows returns


Electronic Arts' digital distribution portal Origin will now support a limited "Great Game Guarantee" return policy. Those with buyer's remorse within 24 hours of launching a game for the first time, or seven days after purchase without activation, have the option to return the EA game for a refund. Pre-order purchases will have up to seven days after launch.

"[Downloadable content] and non-EA games purchased on Origin are excluded from the Great Game Guarantee," EA noted in its announcement of the program. "So, this is a guarantee for full game (a.k.a. "base game") digital downloads published by EA for now, including full games on pre-order and most full games on promotional discount."

Don't get clever and think of using it as a rental service; EA says it will remain vigilant of abuse of the refund system. Valve's Steam digital distribution service does not currently support returns.

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