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How one player helped to reform EVE Online's election system


Last year EVE Online players were given the news that the standard method of voting in members of the Council of Stellar Management was on its way out, with a new voting system put in place that allowed players to rank 14 of their favorite candidates. The story behind that change is a fascinating one, relayed to us by the PA Report.

In short, CSM official Trebor Daehdoow (just read that backwards) realized that the old system was proving too divisive and allowed middling personalities to get elected due to the stronger ones splitting the vote. He used his influence on the council to push for a new "Australian-style multi-seat election" to allow players to nominate several of their favorites instead. The end result was an election in which the candidates cooperated rather than competed and players had more of a say.

Daehdoow is happy with the legacy that he's leaving behind: "It had exactly the results I had hoped. It elected a bunch of diverse and really hard-working, knowledgeable people. The strongest people got elected. We got the best blogger in the game, Ripard Teg. He couldn't even get elected a couple years ago. This year, because people didn't have to tactical vote, he came in second."

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