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If time were no object, what would you tackle in WoW?


There's never enough time in a world as big as Azeroth -- never. Sometimes, the only thing you can do in the face of an achievement you've always wanted is to take a deep breath and dive in. But all too often, the cruel dictates of the outside world squeeze our game mercilessly, forcing us to pick and choose which parts of the game we can realistically indulge in. We gamers inevitably find the necessity for effective time management is undeniable.

But we can dream.

If time were no object, I'd get back into a focused raiding guild as well as continuing to enjoy my membership in another guild that never fails to tickle my fancy. Oh, and I'd return to the warlock instance-soloing project I foolishly initiated not too long ago, and I'd get back into world PvP on my undead priest, and I'd rearrange my characters versus my accounts so I could team up and play with my daughter's shammie sometimes. I'd finish leveling my favorite mage and pally alts. And I'd fish. I'd fish a lot. I'd win the fishing tournament, in fact.

The way this week is looking, I'll be lucky to slip in some BGs on Thursday. Sigh.

If time were no object, what would you tackle in WoW?

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