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Twitter accounts compromised by third-party attack: Here's what you can do


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It's become a regular occurrence that a site's credentials become compromised. (At least it's a nice change from Big NSA brother, I suppose. Big NSA brother is ALWAYS watching you.)

Now it is Twitter's turn, apparently courtesy of a third-party app. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to the Guardian that the site itself was not directly attacked.

GigaOM writes that a hacker published access credentials for thousands of Twitter accounts. Compromised details include Twitter user IDs and OAuth tokens. GigaOM recommends revoking and re-granting access to any third-party apps connected to your account.

To do this, point your browser to There, you'll find a list of all applications -- web and iOS -- attached to your account. For most apps, you'll simply click the Revoke access button. You will need to sign in from those apps to use them again.

For iOS apps, you'll find details about revoking access at this link.

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