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Video: Full presentation of John Lasseter accepting the Disney Legends Award on Steve Jobs' behalf


While Apple will always be remembered by the general public as Steve Jobs' greatest accomplishment, his contribution to film history by helping build Pixar may end up being his unsung legacy. Pixar's cutting edge technology and commitment to exceptional storytelling changed children's films from something parents could enjoy to something adults should seek out. At this year's D23 Expo, a Comic Con of sorts held by Disney for Disney fans, Jobs was posthumously awarded the Disney Legends award for his work in building Pixar into the inspirational source of storytelling magic we know and love today.

Jobs' longtime friend and Pixar co-founder John Lasseter (at right above) accepted the award, giving an emotional speech that tells the history of Pixar while providing a thoughtful look at his friend's legendary work ethic. Lasseter is often moved to tears throughout the speech, recalling a thoughtful conversation the two had during a difficult portion of the development of Toy Story.

"We were having dinner one day, in the middle of the hardest part of making 'Toy Story', and he started looking off again in the distance and he said: You know John, when we make the computers at Apple. He said the lifespan of that computer is what, three years? He said in five years it's a door stop. Ya know, that's how technology goes. But he said 'if you do your job right what you create and what Pixar creates can last forever."

Clips from the speech were published online following the event but now the full presentation has been uploaded, including Lasseter's introduction which highlights Pixar's accomplishments over the years.

You can view the full presentation below.

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