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What to expect when you're expecting patch 5.4


You might not be completely familiar with all that's coming in WoW's next major content patch, set to be released on September 10th. That's understandable, because there is quite a bit coming; this one is surely a doozy. To make sure that you've got all your mechanical chickens in a row as patch 5.3 draws to its inevitable close, Community Manager Daxxari has posted a nice, comprehensive guide of all the things you can expect from the patch and how to be properly prepared for them. There are class changes, new currency, a new PvP season, the Timeless Isle, some changes to professions, as well the end of the stories of Battlefield Barrens and the current incarnation of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

With the end of this patch, and all the big changes that the new one is bringing, it makes sense to have perhaps a small bucket list of things to accomplish before the 10th. A few things in particular you might want to do include:

The post also includes some useful tips on how to make sure the patch update goes smoothly, and where to go for help if it doesn't. Be sure to check out the entire thing over on the WoW official site, and good luck getting ready for patch 5.4!

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