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A quick, easy guide to making links for Apple's new iTunes Affiliate program


Apple recently announced it would be making some major changes to its Apple Affiliate Program. As of August 19, the program is under the Performance Horizon Group (PHG) network, giving affiliates access to more countries and better reporting tools.

Thanks to the update, the program will be able to monetize web traffic from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa and a large number of countries in Asia.

There's just one hitch.

Members of the Affiliate Program need to set up a new account and update all of their existing links by October 1, 2013. Thankfully, iOS and Mac developer David Smith has written a delightful walkthrough of the new process for making links for Apple's new program, including how to track your link's performance.

The process is simple, and involves simply adding your affiliate token number to the end of your iTunes link, taking something that looks like this:

And making it look like this:

Head over to David's blog for his full run down. Apple has provided their own FAQ about the new process on their site.

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