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Champions Online Cybermind alert is now live


Cryptic and Perfect World must be busy today, launching both the Neverwinter expansion Fury of the Feywild and the final chapter in Champions Online's Fatal Err0r stoy arc at exactly the same time. Champions Online players can now enter the cyber lord's digital lair with four friends, facing off with Cybermind himself in a battle that demands the use of color-coded software and other trickery.

The content is tuned for level 40 heroes. Those who are triumphant will earn rewards in the form of resources, costume pieces, and in-game collectible action figures. Also new in Champions today are laser swords, which can be used by freeform characters and are most definitely nothing like lightsabers.

The laser sword and its use are discussed in depth on the official Champions Online blog, or you can grab yourself a freeform character slot and learn the intricacies of this elegant weapon by slashing bad guys in the face. Your call.

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