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Gran Turismo 6 could evolve into GT7 on PS4, says Yamauchi


By the time a PlayStation 4 version of Gran Turismo 6 is developed, it could evolve into Gran Turismo 7. That's according to Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi, who at a Gamescom panel reiterated that his studio has a PS4 version of its PS3 game in mind, but said that it could take some time to arrive.

There's a distinct possibility it would be called Gran Turismo 7 by then, Yamauchi said, adding that he doesn't know if the "vision" of Gran Turismo 6 would carry over to this hypothetical GT7. That's a lot of hypotheticals flying about, but bear in mind we're in a limbo where Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 has been everything but confirmed.

The news follows Polyphony Digital stamping a date on GT6's license, granting it access to PS3s on December 6. GT6 will feature concept cars designed exclusively for the game by a number of high-profile manufacturing houses like Aston Martin, BMW, Honda, and Nissan. Polyphony Digital revealed 18 partners for the so-dubbed Vision Gran Turismo project, which will see the free concept come to the game across a year of online updates.

Gamescom provided another piece of Gran Turismo news, this time related to the now doubly confirmed movie. Speaking to Destructoid, Yamauchi said the film follows the life story of Lucas Ordonez, a Gran Turismo player who, through GT Academy, went on to race professionally. Ordonez now races for Nissan in the FIA GT Series. If you were wondering how to script a plot for a Gran Turismo movie, you have your answer.

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