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Overheard@Gamescom: Titanfall producer goes full Oprah


Titanfall has been generating a ton of buzz at Gamescom 2013. After playing the game (which deserves the praise it's getting so far), we asked about the countdown timer each player gets before they receive the notice that "Titanfall" is available, at which point they can call in one of the game's mechs to drop out of the sky.

"Anything you do for your team will reduce your build time. So, anything you kill, any objective you complete reduces your build timer. It's not like a killstreak where you have to do well. Everyone will earn a Titan," said Titanfall Producer Drew McCoy, of developer Respawn Entertainment. "Titans for everyone! And you get a Titan! And you get a Titan! And you get a Titan!"

Respawn is just doing Oprah's work.

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