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Vine surpasses 40 million users


Vine on Wednesday put out a tweet noting that its video-sharing app now boasts over 40 million users, which is an impressive accomplishment considering that the app is just eight months old. Even more impressive is that Vine, once it became available on Android in June of this year, grew from 13 million users to now over 40 million. Recall that Vine, from January through June, was only available for iOS users.

Not everyone, though, is blown away. It is important to ascertain what percentage of an app's total user base is actually using it.

TechHive reports:

Vine also didn't reveal how many of those 40 million users are active, which is a key metric pretty much every app uses to tout its success. Tens of millions of people have signed up, which is great, but how many of those people regularly post Vines? That's the number we want to know.

I don't think it matters much how many people are regularly posting Vines. I mean, there are clearly no shortage of users willing to post six-second video snippets up on the site. A more telling metric would be how many people actually use the app on a daily and monthly basis, either as contributors or passive viewers.

Hopefully Vine, which is owned by Twitter, will be more forthcoming about these details going forward. In the meantime, there's no denying that Vine is flying high.

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