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Breakfast Topic: What was your first character?

Think back to your earliest days in WoW: do you remember the first character you created? I'm fairly certain that my first character was a gnome mage, though I don't think that I played it for long -- soon I switched to a gnome warlock, which was my main for a long while before I shifted to playing a priest, then a paladin, and lately a monk. It's a complicated WoW history, but I doubt it's a unique one. Many players don't quite know what they're getting into when they get started and switch from class to class until they find the right fit... and as time passes, the "right" class may change, whether because Blizzard has changed the class or the player's needs have changed.

So tell us, readers, how have you traversed your WoW journey? Which class did you start with -- and did you stick with it or switch around?

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