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DOJ offers to cut injunction time in Apple e-book case, stays firm on key points


The US Justice Department was insistent that its proposed injunction against Apple for alleged e-book price fixing was the proper remedy earlier this month, but it's now willing to budge on that somewhat. As Reuters reports, the DOJ has offered to cut the length of the injunction from ten to five years, and ease the restrictions on Apple striking new deals with book publishers -- it now suggests Apple hold staggered negotiations with publishers starting in two years. The DOJ continues to insist on the need for an external monitor to keep an eye on the company, however, which remains a non-starter for Apple.

The company also drew some particularly harsh criticism from the DOJ, which stated in a filing that "Apple wants to continue business as usual, regardless of the antitrust laws," and that "this court should have no confidence that Apple on its own effectively can ensure that its illegal conduct will not be repeated." For its part, Apple isn't commenting on the DOJ's latest proposal.

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