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Fran Bow finally has something to smile about: $20K on Indiegogo


Fran Bow is a psychological thriller and adorable adventure rolled into one point-and-click package, and it just passed its funding goal of $20,000 on Indiegogo with seven days remaining. Fran, the young girl in the game, witnesses the brutal murder of her parents and slips into insanity, ending up in a children's mental institution. She must work out how to escape and stay (mostly) sane by solving puzzles in the asylum.

One game mechanic is the ability to pop pills to see another layer of the world that can potentially aid in the riddles, regardless of how horrifying those new visions may be.

Fran Bow comes from Killmonday, a husband-and-wife development team (Isak and Natalia) based in Sweden. The story itself derives from Natalia's personal struggles as a child, as she explains in a blog post on the Killmonday site.

Fran Bow is due out in July 2014 for PC, Mac, Linux, Windows 8, Android and iOS, and with the successful funding, it may come to more platforms (Wii U or Ouya) later on. Smile, Fran. Things are looking up.

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