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The Sims 3 saves won't carry over to The Sims 4


The Sims 3 players must sever ties with their current relationships and start anew in The Sims 4, as EA says save files will not transfer between games. "We have brand new technology driving the game so unfortunately none of that carries over," producer Ryan Vaughan tells Videogamer. "Especially with the new tools: It's a whole new way of building your Sims and building your families so it doesn't carry over."

No families or content from The Sims 3 are compatible with The Sims 4, but Vaughn hopes that players will be able to quickly recreate their favorite loved ones within the new editing tools detailed in the video above. "With the new tools, they're really tactile and creative, and I think people are going to be able to recreate their families really quickly," he says. This could potentially be a big issue for players who have stuck with the game since 2009 and formed a close bond with their Sims, or for those who have purchased the numerous add-ons issued by EA over the years.

The Sims 4 was announced in early May for PC and Mac, with a vague launch window of 2014. The latest game, which includes a full single-player offline component, once again tasks players with managing the lives of virtual people within a simulated community.

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