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Breakfast Topic: How many characters do you actively play?


There's the guy who's packed an entire account (50 character slots) with characters all over level 85. There's the guy who's valor-capped an entire realm's worth of 90s week after week (without going insane, I might add). And me, I dinged one level on an alt last night in a vain attempt to catch my daughter's new shammie before giving up and sending her a gift-wrapped package of dresses and a bunch of gold. Yep, I bought myself out of that duo outright.

I'm betting that most of us have a main and a couple of alts, but my experience is that most of us don't actually actively play all our alts. How many characters do you currently manage to actively play, keeping them progressing through content that's new to them? Have you ever tried to juggle more?


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