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Indie Megabooth starlet 'Gravity Ghost' opens pre-orders on Aug. 26


Gravity Ghost has been on our radar for more than a year. It's a whimsical physics game about flinging yourself around planets and collecting stars in an effort to reassemble the universe. It's not a game about dying, killing or destroying – but it is about to come out as a pre-order, on August 26, from the Humble Store on developer Ivy Games' website. Pre-orders are for PC, Mac and Linux.

Gravity Ghost has music from FTL: Faster Than Light composer Ben Prunty, and it snagged a spot in the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth, scheduled to touch down on the show floor from August 30 to September 2. To prepare for PAX Prime, Game Designer and Artist Erin Robinson made "swag" – miniature bottle dioramas starring the Gravity Ghost fox, Voy, in a bell-studded, glittering environment of colorful sand. See the intricate, cute process on the Ivy Games blog.

The swag bottles will be available at PAX Prime, and one of them includes a ghost girl, rather than the fox. Gravity sold separately.

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