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Divergence: Online aims to Kickstart 'true player freedom' with a new sandbox

MJ Guthrie

If the name Divergence: Online looks familiar, then the summer sun hasn't melted all your memories. Last February, the hard-core sandbox hopeful resurfaced with an IndieGoGo campaign to get started and create a working demo. Having met that goal, creator Ethan Casner is back with another crowdfunding campaign to spur development even farther.

What does Divergence bring to the table? It claims "Maximum. Player. Freedom." with features like a skill-based system, a virtually limitless gaming word for exploration, and terrain that can be modified by either redistributing the ground itself or planting and harvesting resources. And if those features don't spell freedom for you, how about this one: Dancer, architect, tailor, and bio engineer are among the non-combat professions offered.

The project is pretty close to its modest goal, but the end is swiftly approaching; those wanting to lend their support will need to do so before the campaign closes this weekend. Check out some pre-alpha footage of player-generated content in the video clip after the cut.

[Thanks to Lewis for the tip!]

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