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Siri has snappy retorts for 'OK, Glass'


I've always been a fan of Siri's sarcastic wit, and now that Google Glass is on the verge of encroaching on its space as an intelligent assistant, it's ready to drop some snark on you if you so much as even hint that it is Glass. The Verge showed a bunch of the silly responses to "OK, Glass" this morning, ranging from "I'm not Glass. And I'm just fine with that" to "I think that Glass is half-empty."

Contrary to The Verge's claim that iOS 7 adds more comments to the mix, exhaustive testing of Siri's wit was unable to prove that the upcoming mobile operating system adds anything.

We can only hope that the personality engineers on the Siri staff are able to add another big dose of snark before Glass goes into general release.

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