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Apple launches revamped AppleCare Support website with live 24/7 chat option


If you head on over to the AppleCare website, you'll notice that Apple has completely revamped the way it provides support.

On the main AppleCare support page, users are presented with a easy-to-view grid of Apple's entire product line.


Upon selecting a product, users can then drill down even deeper to peg the exact type of product they're having problems with. For instance, if a user selects "Mac," they can then indicate if they're having a problem with a desktop, a notebook, with OS X, with a Mac accessory or with Apple's wireless products.

Upon this selection, the AppleCare website presents users with a grid of common issues associated with the product in question. Once an issue is selected, the website will suggest an Apple support document that, in an ideal situation, addresses the problem. Barring that, users are given the ability to schedule a call with Apple support or schedule a Genius appointment at a nearby Apple retail location.

Overall, the new layout is extremely intuitive, and more importantly, an extremely helpful resource.

What's really significant here is that if the website doesn't offer up a workable solution, users now have the option to initiate a live chat session with an Apple support representative. Even better, the live chat option is available 24/7.


Bear in mind, though, that the live chat feature is only available for products that are still subject to AppleCare. For this reason, users, at some point in the process, are required to enter in the serial number of the affected product.

That being the case, users with products that aren't currently covered by AppleCare can choose to either purchase a one-time support incident for $19.99 or request an exemption.

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