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EU Hearthstone beta coming "soon"


To all the EU Hearthstone fans out there, Blizzard has provided an update on when you might be able to get your longing hands on those virtual cards. However, it might not be exactly what you were hoping for. In fact, I'd say it almost certainly isn't. The official press release actually says "in a few weeks", which could mean anything from "the same day as patch 5.4" to "sometime around BlizzCon".

Of course, we're all hoping for the former rather than the latter, but even then, they aren't going to open up the EU beta to everyone who's registered all at once. Rather like the US version of the beta, it will be released in waves. Why's it taking so long? Well we don't know, of course, but smart money's on localization. The EU version has to be translated into six other languages, and while German is definitely done, given how it was playable at Gamescom, who knows what the status of the other five might be.

Hit the break for the full Blizzard statement.

Following the exciting showing at gamescom in Cologne, Germany, the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft team has an announcement to make-the European closed beta test is nearly here!

In a few weeks, assuming all the cards have been properly shuffled, the murlocs have all been corralled, and the mana crystals have all been polished, we'll start inviting players who've opted in to start playing. Exciting times!

We're really looking forward to you all getting a chance to check out this game, and we think everyone's going to enjoy it-whether you love card games or have never played them before.

There's still time to sign up, so don't delay! Once the EU closed beta test starts, we'll begin working through the list of everyone who's signed up, letting in a few groups at a time, so please be patient if you don't get in straight away. Those murloc minions take a while to enter addresses. Once you've been checked off the list, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download the game and start playing. Happy dueling!

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