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Massively's Final Fantasy XIV relaunch roundup

Eliot Lefebvre

Most games don't get a second chance at a first impression, but Final Fantasy XIV is going for precisely that with its revamped version launching today as A Realm Reborn. The original launch was met with notably terrible reception, prompting the complete shutdown of the first version followed by a radically different and redeveloped game. Maybe you're just now hearing about it, or maybe you've been following the game since the first announcement, but today is when everyone can finally access the relaunch.

We've put together a collection of both news and useful guides so that old players can be brought up to speed, new players can learn what to do first, and people on the fence can decide whether the game is worth playing in the first place. Enjoy our relaunch roundup past the cut, and if you decide to take part, enjoy your reborn adventures in Final Fantasy XIV!

The Mog Log Extra: Tips for a Final Fantasy XIV beginner
Starting out in the game for the first time? Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you're off to a good start.
The Mog Log: Returning to your Final Fantasy XIV friends
Returning to an old character? Here are some tips to help you look as if you know what you're doing.
The Mog Log Extra: Unboxing the Final Fantasy XIV collector's editions
If you didn't want to unbox your collector's edition -- or didn't buy one -- here's a glimpse of the treasures within.
The Mog Log Extra: Cross-class skills in Final Fantasy XIV
Do you have some idea what you're doing, but you don't know which class skills are useful elsewhere? Here's your handy reference guide.
The Mog Log Extra: Starting an Arcanist in Final Fantasy XIV
Whether you're new or old to FFXIV, the Arcanist is the game's first new class since launch. Here's a look at how to make it work for you.
See 13 minutes of epic Final Fantasy XIV footage in this new trailer
Still not sure whether the game is for you? Take a look at a full trailer; it should give you a clearer picture of what to expect.
FFXIV: A Realm Reborn plans launch party for PAX Prime
If you're already one of the converted, maybe you'd like the opportunity to party with your fellow FFXIV fans at PAX Prime this weekend.
Massively's Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launch impressions
How does the relaunch stack up compared to the original? Stay tuned for our impressions article later this afternoon! Eliot's formal impressions are now live.

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