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Moore: Not every EA game will require online connection


Last week at Gamescom, Peter Moore made some statements to the effect that EA no longer ships offline games, but products that are enmeshed in online and social functionality. In a missive on the EA blog today, Moore added clarity to those statements, saying EA's approach does not mean all its games are required to be online.

"Many, if not most, of our games include single-player, offline modes that you can play entirely without an Internet connection, if you so choose," Moore wrote. "We know that's something many of our players want, and we will continue to deliver it."

Moore went on to address growing negative perceptions toward EA's free-to-play lineup, specifically Command & Conquer. "We will continue to explore new free-to-play experiences for our franchises when we believe there is gamer interest and a cool new game we can build. But of course we will continue to deliver award-winning core gaming experiences on ALL of these franchises." While many EA franchises offer free-to-play options, Moore said it is not a sweeping company mandate for all EA games moving forward.

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