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Ryse, Dead Rising 3 launch editions detailed


Microsoft announced what in-game items will be included in the Day One editions of Xbox One launch games Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Forza Motorsport 5 today - we already knew about the three-car pack in the Forza 5 Day One box, but the rest is news to us.

Crytek's Roman romp Ryse bundles in a sword with "bonus in-game attributes," and a co-op map apparently exclusive to the Day One Edition, but Day One owners can at least invite Standard Edition bearers to join them in it - awwww.

As for Dead Rising 3, the Day One box lets you deck out new hero Nick Ramos in some familiar-looking ensembles. Frank West's cool-dude duds come with a "Zombie Slugger" weapon, while Chuck Greene's biker garb has a Paddle Saw accompaniment. Both outfits come with attribute perks, while the West offering also has a custom skill move.

As for when these Day One editions are due, well, that'll be when the Xbox One arrives, a date so super duper secret that if a Microsoft employee tries to say it out loud, he or she will spontaneously implode into a tiny dust cloud, drifting into the sky with a soft whisper that sounds something like "November. Just November ..."

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