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Apple reportedly planning new Apple Store for Japan


It's been seven years since the last Apple Store in Japan opened, odd considering the technical bent of the country's inhabitants and the fact that the first international Apple Store was located in Japan. Now ifoAppleStore is reporting that another store may be on the way to Tokyo by early 2014.

The new store is reportedly planned for the Omotoesando shopping district, just a short walk from the existing Shibuya store pictured at the top of this post. ifoAppleStore notes that there are several possible reasons for the slow expansion of Apple retail in Japan. Revenue growth in the country through channels other than the Apple Stores has been slower than in other parts of the world, and Mac sales in particular have been essentially flat in Japan for 15 years while soaring in the rest of the world.

ifoAppleStore also points out the country has the second largest number of residents per Apple Store at 18.14 million residents per store. The US, by comparison, has 1.24 million residents per Apple Store. The addition of the new Omotoesando Apple Store may be just the thing to help jump-start Apple's sales in Japan.

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