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Breakfast Topic: What defines your class?

Playing perhaps too much Hearthstone -- in which each class feels very much like its World of Warcraft counterpart -- has me musing about just what defines each of WoW's classes. They have different spells and abilities, of course -- but is a class defined by any particular spell or ability? You might say, for example, that priests were defined by their healing skills, but in doing so you overlook the category of shadow priests. And you might be tempted to say that both hunters and warlocks are defined by the pets -- beast and demonic -- that they summon and control, but not all specializations rely heavily on their pets. And if you do define hunters and warlocks by their ability to summon pets, just how do you explain how very different the two classes are?

Each class, of course, is more complicated than that -- there's more depth to any character's gameplay than a single ability. But what I'm wondering today, readers, is what you feel really defines your class -- whether it's one thing or several things. Is your class about the skills you use? The armor you wear or the weapons you wield? Which skills and what gear makes your class your class instead of something completely different?

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