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EA's Peter Moore clarifies stance on online games, says not every title will require your console to be online


While discussing the finer points of EA's plans for this year (and those new consoles), EA's Peter Moore explained to Engadget that the games maker doesn't ship a game that is offline. It seems some people took this and ran (and ran) with it. So much in fact, that Moore has decided to officially respond, detailing that while its games catalog connects through online multiplayer, stat sharing, achievements or can even be delivered to consoles and devices by the internet, the company will continue to include single-player and offline modes that can be played without any need for a data connection -- not every EA game will require your console to be online. We've embedded the aforementioned interview from Gamescom after the break. If only Mr. Moore still had the chance to respond with a YouTube video of his own...

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