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Fix for GoToMeeting issue with MacBook Air coming September 15


On August 23, we reported on issues Citrix GoToMeeting clients were having with the FaceTime HD webcam in the latest MacBook Air (mid 2013, Haswell). At the time, there was no firm timetable for getting the issue fixed.

Today I spoke with Sampath Gomatam, the VP and GM of Real-Time Collaboration at Citrix; he's the exec responsible for the GoToMeeting software. He told me the issue was caused by a problem with how the video engine for the software worked with the video drivers of the new Macs. Citrix wasn't alone with these issues; even Apple's own Final Cut X had problems with the new MBA's camera at first.

The good news is that Citrix has escalated work on the patch due to online feedback. Gomatam also informed me that an update will be available to fix the issue on September 15.

Help is coming, GoToMeeting fans.

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