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Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack packs '20 movies worth of score'


Rolling Stone has published an extensive look at the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto 5, with streaming samples of a few Los Santos stations available right now. Ivan Pavlovich, soundtrack supervisor, says it's the biggest soundtrack Rockstar has ever done, around "20 movies worth of score."

"We approached the radio stations as the musical soundscape [you experience] as you fly into L.A. One of the things we've never done in a GTA game before is a pop station; exploring that made so much sense in the context of L.A." Some stations have big-name talent attached too: DJ Pooh hosts a rap station; Wavves' Stephen Pope and Nate Williams host a rock station; Pam Grier hosts a soul station.

Grand Theft Auto 5's soundtrack is also unique in that it's the first game in the series to have its own score created by Rockstar. Many composers have created music specifically for Grand Theft Auto 5, including electronic band Tangerine Dream, LA-based producer The Alchemist and rapper Oh No. Woody Jackson, who worked on Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire, is the final piece of this composer ensemble.

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