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    Night Vision Camcorder offers low-light iOS video capture, sleazy marketing


    For US$1.99, the Night Vision Camcorder app does exactly what it says on the label. It enhances sensors so you can better see and record low-light sources.

    The marketing for this app, which was developed in Russia, is frankly appalling. It shows numerous young "hotties" in a low-light club atmosphere. Cynicism and misogyny drip from the app screen shots.

    Feel free to ignore the skeezy marketing.

    For two bucks, what you get is actually a really cool and useful tool that you can use for finding items that have dropped to the floor under your desk or for capturing video and photos without deploying a flash.

    The app offers numerous features, including a user-guided amplifier, front and rear camera pickers, LED flash control, zoom and more, making this a solid value -- despite the creep-out.

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