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John Smedley takes to Reddit to answer SOE layoff questions [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

In response to the question about how the recent SOE layoffs will affect PlanetSide 2, CEO John Smedley took to Reddit with a few answers. He specifically stated that layoffs will not impact the development of the MMOFPS and that there is still a large team working on it, even though some from that team were let go. "It won't impact the game because we have other people who are going to take the load over. Simple as that... We carefully planned and are distributing tasks appropriately to other people on the team." Smedley also dismissed the idea that devs were let go because of the integration of Player Studio as absurd.

What about the other games in SOE's portfolio? Smedley announced that a full status report on all games is planned for next week.

[Update: Polygon has posted excerpts from an SOE email, quoting Smedley calling the layoffs a "horrible, sickening experience" and explaining that personnel shifts were a result of budgetary necessity not poor game sales. In fact, he hopes to rehire laid-off employees. He also promises that work on EQ Next will not slow down: "In fact you can fully expect it to ramp up and a lot of people will end up helping to make the most amazing thing we've ever done as a company."]

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