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Mailbox iOS email client updated with cloud search


The popular Gmail email client for iOS, Mailbox, has been updated to allow for cloud searching through messages. The new feature in the version 1.5 update means users no longer have to have their emails downloaded to their device to search -- something that is incredibly handy if you have years' worth of emails.

In addition to cloud-search capabilities, Mailbox 1.5 lets you set a unique signature for each email account in the app. That means if you have, for example, three Gmail accounts (Mailbox allows up to five), you can have a unique signature for each that's automatically applied.

Mailbox was purchased by Dropbox last March and the company has been making rapid improvements ever since. A few weeks ago, Dropbox announced a free 1 GB of Dropbox storage when users sync Mailbox to their Dropbox account.

Mailbox is a free download.

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