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PlayJam GameStick releases worldwide September 30th (update)


After a series of delays, it looks like PlayJam's GameStick is making its way to market relatively soon. Whether your allegiance lies with Amazon or GameStop, come September 30th both will begin shipping the tiny console, as noticed by Liliputing. What's more, PlayJam itself promises that the last of its crowdfunded unit-allotment will ship directly to backers by mid-September. The news doesn't stop there, as it recently passed FCC certification too. Uncle Sam's documents -- RF exposure statements! Label placement! -- don't contain much we didn't already know, but if you want to see the GameStick's user manual, here you go.

[Thanks, Dave]

Update: We based our report on retailer statements, but, as those can change, we've reached out to PlayJam for confirmation.

Update 2: PlayJam responded, telling us that September 30th is "the retail date we [it] are working to."

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