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Reus knocks down 235,000 sales in three months


Reus, a 2D god game from indie studio Abbey Games, has roped in 235,000 sales since launching on May 16 across Steam, Gamersgate, GOG and Desura. Abbey sold 100,000 copies in the first two months alone.

Reus costs $10 a pop, unless it's on sale – and it definitely was during the Steam Summer Sale, where it was given top billing for one day and sold for $5. The Steam feature doubled the game's existing sales numbers. Not bad for a studio founded last year by four guys, two of whom were students.

Abbey used to be hesitant about sharing sales numbers, with cloning forefront in its mind, but games such as Vlambeer's Ridiculous Fishing have demonstrated that the better game can come out on top. This dispelled any lingering concerns about sharing data.

"We figured out sharing sales figures is actually really important for the independent community," co-founder Manuel Kerssemakers told Joystiq. "For example, we have learned a great deal from Hitbox Team's discussion of their Dustforce sales in terms of what to expect. As soon as we think Reus is stuck in its long tail, we'll prepare a complete post-mortem like that as well so that people may know what decisions lead to what sales. This will help people judge whether creating the games they love is also a viable way to make a living."

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