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Spawn crawls out of Hell and into Soul Calibur 2 HD Online


Soul Calibur 2 HD Online, a downloadable remix of the original PS2 fighter for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN due this fall, will include Spawn as a playable character.

Soul Calibur 2 featured console-exclusive characters when it launched on PS2, Xbox and GameCube back in 2003. Heihachi was the PS2's character and confirmed ​for Soul Calibur 2 HD Online when the game was announced back at San Diego Comic-Con; Spawn was exclusive to the original Xbox version and the GameCube port got Link. And we already know what you're thinking: Will Link be in the game? All signs point to nope.

A comparison video between the original game and the Online revamp shows much-improved character models and arenas on top of the addition of online play. Soul Calibur 2 HD Online will be available for download on PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime this fall.

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NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. today announced more details about SOULCALIBUR II™ HD Online, which will be soon available as an Arcade game on Xbox Live® online entertainment network from Microsoft and via the PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The company is proud to please the fans of the series as the two legendary heroes, SPAWN and HEIHACHI, originally exclusive guest characters for each platform, will be for the first time ever playable on both platforms, Xbox®360 and PlayStation®3.

Developed by PROJECT SOUL, the elite development team at NAMCO BANDAI Studios, SOULCALIBUR II HD Online reimagines the beloved title by adding online multiplayer support to the title as well as vibrant updated graphics to take advantage of modern high definition TVs. Heralded as one of the best fighting games of all-time, SOULCALIBUR II returns to consoles this year with crisp new high definition graphics and all-new online modes in celebration for its 10 year anniversary.

SOULCALIBUR II™ HD ONLINE will be available for download this autumn 2013 on Xbox Live® and via the PlayStation®Network.

SOULCALIBUR™ $B-6 (J©1995 1998 2002 2003 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Spawn®, and its logo are registered trademarks of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc.

The Spawn character is © 1992 Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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