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Valve: Steam Greenlight a year old, goal is to have 'no bottlenecks'


Valve's populist Greenlight program, which uses the Steam community to select the games available on the digital distribution platform, has aged a tender year. According to Valve, the program has helped double the number of independent games available in the system.

"Ultimately our goal is to have no bottlenecks at all between developers and consumers," said Valve head Gabe Newell. "As we move closer to that, launching Greenlight and evolving our backend toolset has helped us increase our publishing throughput, pushing the number of independent titles released in the last twelve months to equal the number of titles published from all other categories combined."

Newell expects the indie submissions to grow "dramatically" as the company continues to build upon the service. The program recently passed a mega-round of 100 games, compared to its standard boutique sizes.

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