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Can you out-old-school these Expand Throwbackers?


We've already received a slew of exciting entries in the #ExpandThrowback contest we launched around a week ago. Turns out we're not the only ones who hoard old technology to embrace memories of a life before local TV could be streamed over a WiFi connection. For those not up to speed, here's the deal: Our Expand NY event is coming this November 9th and 10th, and we're on the lookout for the coolest vintage tech. Help us find it, and you could end up with a trip to Expand NY on us, or a gift card to help finally update that old technology.

Read on to find out how to win a trip to Expand NY...

We asked some of our crackerjack team to dig in their closets, and post their own throwbacks on Instagram with the #ExpandThrowback hashtag (though, as the fine print stipulates, they're not actually in the running). Here are some favorites:

Mariella Moon, Contributing Editor, showed off a device used to store about 737 pages of text, so long as they don't go over 2KB each. You could also pop one into your Sony Mavica to hold one prized medium-res photo.

Philip Palermo, Copy Editor, shows us a handheld gaming device on the forefront of the video game industry and the hottest gift under the Christmas 1989.

Daniel Cooper, Associate European Editor, remembers a time when phones pretty much just made phone calls.

Can you do better? We're betting you can. Snap a pic of that retro tech and upload it to Instagram. Tag it with #ExpandThrowback and head over to the contest on Facebook to officially enter. We'll collect photos from you through September 5th.

As a reminder, if you're not already connected to all things Expand, stay tuned to our hub for all the latest news, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more special treats and news to come!

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